Sais Cortebeeck Photography


A future in photography was almost evident for Sais Cortebeeck (29/07/1987). From childhood on she tried to capture her environment by means of disposable cameras and later she escaped between her boxes chorkfull of images were she tried to re-experience her child memories. This frivolous desire led her in 2002 to the ‘school of art’ in Antwerp, where she studied an Audio-visual Education.

It was in this period, when outside the school walls the photographic landscape was digitalizing in a fast speed, that Sais declares her passion for analog photography. Also during her photographic studies in the Sint-Lukas Academy in Brussels, where Sais graduated as a master in the visual arts, her technical camera was her secret lover with whom she tried to spend as much time as possible.

Photography is more than a shot of the moment. It’s a story that can be told without giving the interpretation on a plate to the spectator. Introspection is often her starting point. Through analog photography, often using multiple exposures and a long shutter, she tries to visualize her own desires and view on the world (Transitions in Time) but also her own dreams (dreamwalker) without imposing an interpretation to the spectator. By doing so all viewers have a choice between making the images their own or being lead along the comfortable red threads that lie there.