Sais Cortebeeck Photography

Corpo Dell'Arte

‘Corpo dell’ Arte’ is a project where photographer Sais Cortebeeck works together with her mother, the artist Tania Rens. In this project the experimental, medical and creative body is a source of inspiration. By multiple exposures on large format film, unique pictures emerge, shaped of one artist by the other. The different crossing poses and unsharpness created by the movement of the model, form a fading reality. On one hand there is the hardness of the black-and-white image, on the other hand the softness of the blur and fading. Corpo dell’Arte is also a mixed media- project where multiple techniques are combined. The color of paint as a second skin or the experimental use of words used as second layers, enriches the images and allows both artists to experiment without limits.

Corpo I

Corpo II: Postcards

Corpo III

Corpo IV